Borboletas na Parede

Já não me lembro onde fui buscar isto mas tal e qual como copiei vou postar aqui (mesmo em inglês).
E como adoro borboletas aqui vai esta ideia linda:

Here's how we did it:
1. Buy high-quality paper (please do not use construction paper), the kind at a craft store that has a substantial weight in your desired color and then a piece of vellum. Vellum is a film like paper that is translucent.

2. Search “butterflies” in Google images and select those images (not in flight, but flat), that are appealing to you, perhaps in a few different sizes too. And look for one that is “line-art” that is drawn with a pen, for the vellum paper.

3. Save the selected image and enlarge to what the size you want to print. You want the outcome to be a variety of sizes, and shapes. But here’s the design tip. Stay with one color of paper and the vellum. It will make a much more effective outcome,then using multiple colors of paper. For additional detail use a colored marker in the color of your paper on the velum butterfly.
4. Photocopy the images onto the paper that your have cut to 8 1/2” x 11” to fit in your paper tray in your printer. Alternate: “I don’t have a printer” Place the velum paper on your screen and trace the image with a narrow tip felt marker. Then cut that butterfly and trace the silhouette onto the solid paper.

5. Cut the butterflies shapes from your paper. Fold each butterfly where the body meets the wing. Curlthe wings with a pencil placed on the tip. This where you give them character and why construction paper doesn’t work.

6. Apply your butterflies to the wall with double-sided tape the kind that is advertised that it can be removed easily. Arrange your “flutter” (that’s a group of butterflies) on the wall in a cluster mixing the various sizes.